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Finding the right IT expert takes around six months on average and often the efforts are in vain. We at ICEICO, identified the importance of further training within the company as well as with customers many years in advance. We have developed several training programs that take you and your team to the next level of engagement and productivity. The big plus: Our trainers are experts in their field, all active in the project business themselves, and sharing their knowledge in a hands-on way.

We are joining forces with our strategic partner Software Quality Lab, to offer you an even more comprehensive training program. Software Quality Lab is a leading Austrian provider of professional methodical trainings around software development with a special focus on quality assurance. While your customized in-house trainings will continue to be coordinated by us, the Software Quality Lab Academy now offers the transparent search, booking and handling of public trainings.

Learning and teaching methods have taken a very new and different path nowadays, with digitalization being at the centre of this change. Modern learning tools keep the students engaged and help them hone their critical thinking skills. At ICEICO, we would like to offer you an optimal learning environment. Take the opportunity and encourage your employees and yourself for upskilling. Choose your training that exactly fits your needs!

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Publicly available trainings

ICEICO and Software Quality Lab offer you a wide-ranging training programme in agility, software development, and testing. Course participants come from a wide range of companies and sectors. For courses with an exam, participant’s decide whether to take the exam or not. You can find dates, fees and registration for all public training courses on our partner's website.

Individual company trainings

If you wish to get exclusive training for your employees only, we can arrange an individual format tailored to your specific needs. Depending on your geographical location, we can come to you, or you can come to us, or we can meet virtually. To better understand your requirements and discuss details for customized trainings, please contact us at

Classroom trainings

The advantage of face-to-face courses is the opportunity we get to build personal relationships and the direct social exchange between trainers and fellow learners. Particularly in certification courses lasting several days, on-site training makes it easier to learn and apply necessary practical skills together. Individual exchange happens in joint breaks, which can be very valuable. Dates, fees, and registration for all public trainings can be found on our partner's website.

Virtual trainings

The pandemic has proven that remote working can be extremely productive if you know the right tools and platforms. The use of modern collaboration tools for our virtual classrooms makes it feel like you are sitting in the same room. Virtual trainings allow you to participate from a location of your choice, without the need to travel long distances, and a more economical alternative. Dates, fees, and registration for all public trainings can be found on our partner's website.

Our strategic partner

Software Quality Lab

Software Quality Lab is the market leader for professional methodological trainings and seminars around software development and quality assurance. More than 50% of all software testers throughout Austria who attend a training are doing so in the Software Quality Lab Academy.

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