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Regular Backup

24x7 uptime Monitoring and Action

Team of Passionate Developers

hand-Holding Support

Consultation with Expert as Needs

Website Peak Performance

The Core Focus of the Services is to reach your website’s peak performance.

Optimize Website Speed & Performance

Best Caching Implementation

Optimize images and reduce size up to 90%

Compression Techniques for Fast Download

Get rid of spam comments

Professional Maintenance

Regularly we do check-ups and updates of all your core files, plugins, and themes.

Regular Core Update

Consistent Plugin Update

Theme update for a fresh experience

Deleted Unused themes and plugins.

Regularly Find & Fix Broken Links

Increase Traffic, Boost Ranking

Get all the support to rank on Google, and make it visible to local and global customers.

SEO Redirect Support

Broken Link fix on

Search Console Issue Fix

Google Analytics Integration

Sitemap submit to Search Console

Privacy, Search & Protection

From the moment you opt for our services be carefree about the security of your site. We remove all the malware and clean up your site from various security threats.

Cleann up longs and database

Scan and Remove Malware

Firewall Setup and Virus Protection

Automated Security Scan

Spam and Phishing Prevention

Emeergency Fix & Protection

We monitor your site continuously with the help of our 24*7 monitoring. We ensure that your site never goes down and is safe from any kind of brute-force attacks.

Diagnose and Fix Errors as they appear

Constant Monitoring for Database Errors

Debug Chronic Issues

Brute-force Attacker Protection

Captcha Protection

Mobile & Browser Optimization

We ensure that you never get penalized due to being non-responsive to any section of your website. Any non-responsive issue we address to make it fully responsive.

Minor Mobile Responsibility Issue Resolution

Browser caching for Mobile Speed

GZip Caching Implementation

Lazy Load for Performance

Solving Alignment Issues

Increase Conversion Rate

Our Web Case service will certainly improve your conversion rate by making everything work fine all the time.

CDN Implementation

Implement Conversion Frindly Change

Assistant for your Marketing Campaign

Implementinng Third-Party Scripts

Conversion Consultation as Required

Clarity of Deliverability

We ensure that you are gwtting what you have paid for. It is also to make sure that you are up to date with the operations thst we are doing on your site.

  Monthly Preventive Activity Report   Advanced Performance Report   Uptime Monitoring Report   Ticket Insight Report   Google Analytics Traffic Report

A Brief of the World's First Systemized Website Maintenance Program

The program is made of years of experience and enhanced by keeping systemization and client satisfaction in focus. Introduced in back 2017 and since then it's been 5 major revisions. The journey is not yet an end, we were continuously improving considering current and future internet threats. We are continuously improving and adding more features to it. Our objective is to make this program so robust that any website falling under our website maintenance program will be Fast, Safe, and Secure . Below are some of the Primary Features of our maintenance program:

  1. CRM for Maintenance Life Cycle
  2. Ticket Management System
  3. Android and IOS App
  4. 20+ Monthly Preventive Tasks
  5. Remote Cloud Backup & Restore
  6. Detailed Reporting System
  7. Easy-to-Use Customer Area
  8. 4+ Ways to Raise a Ticket
  9. 24×7 Website Uptime Monitoring
  10. Domain Expiry Monitoring and Alert
  11. SSL Certificate Expiry Monitoring
  12. Advanced Performance Monitoring
  13. Onboarding Health Check-up
  14. Dedicated Maintenance Team
  15. Unlimited Standard Support
  16. No Hours LImit
  17. Defined Process in Place
  18. 5+ Type of Details Monthly Reports

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  Felling Helpless

  hand-Hold Support

  Slow for visitors to load and browse

  Blazingly-fast WordPress website

  Multiple security breaches and warnings

  Fully Secured, Monitored & backed-up website

  Missing performance upgrades and features

  Core & plugins are always updated

  Declining website traffic

  Month-on-month website improvements

  Unresponsive and buggy website

  Mobile-friendly and optimized website

  Inexperienced WordPress developers

  Expert WordPress development assistance


  Missing Domain & SSL Certificate Renewal

  Always Active and Renewed

  Missed to take regularly updated backup

  Always have a Safe and Recoverable Backup

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Website Maintenance Process

Having decades of experience, we have developed processes and systems from onboarding to satisfaction.

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