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Transformation, Innovation, or Disruption, whatever you call it: it’s an absolute reality. To be or remain relevant and successful only organizations with a digital-first ecosystem will succeed. IT plays a major role in accelerating the digital-first approach. But organizations face numerous challenges when scouting for the right talent that often culminates in lag towards the journey towards this transformation.

At ICEICO, we partner with our customers to navigate these challenges and view them as an opportunity for a Low Code-driven innovation. We work as strategic partners for customers with our ‘solving for value’ mindset, agile delivery process, with innovation at heart. We help them ideate, assess, and deliver value-driven ROI. Our service offerings across leading Low Code application platforms such as Mendix, Microsoft Power Apps, Simplifier, among others, provide end-to-end capabilities for inculcating a scalable digital-first mindset. To know more about our Low Code capabilities, click here.

What We Do

Consulting and
Platform Advisory

We think through your business challenges to ideate to identify the potential areas of digitization. We help you assess the right mix of applications and platforms, followed by onboarding resources through robust training frameworks.

Plan, Pilot & Evaluate

We partner to co-create and define a roadmap for prototype development within the first 60 hours. Our goal is to help you quickly achieve true enterprise scalability across the identified mix of lighthouse applications.

Enterprise Scalability

We strive for value creation and the right insights that are critical in your digitization journey. We help you achieve a digital-first enterprise vision, at a rapid pace, leveraging agile implementation methodologies.

applications we built with low code

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Digitalizing the visual inspection process

Innovating business processes and product lines to make them future-proof using low code
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Analyzing survey data in real-time

Leveraging low-code in data collection & management processes, supporting the conservation of the Wadden Sea National Park, Germany.

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Making process digitalization a reality

Driving higher shopfloor efficiency and effective collaboration through Low Code appllications for one of the largest pharmaceuticals importers in Germany.
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our platform expertise

As a Mendix partner, we provide advice, help organizations realize their projects, and take over development cycles.

As a Simplifier partner, we help provide scalable digitalization opportunities to our customers and create new applications up to 10 times faster at optimized licensing costs. Together, we have developed over 40 applications cross multiple domains including manufacturing, energy, pharmaceuticals and closely collaborated on industrial automation, wearables and connected worker segments.

As an Elite partner, we enable customers to speed up their digitalization journey and achieve business value. IntegrationHub, together with App Engine on the Now Platform, simplifies and scales cross-system process automation on a single low-code workflow application platform.

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Our Community With User Review

The system has produced a significant competitive advantage in the industry thanks to ICEICO Technologies well-thought opinions. They shouldered the burden of constantly updating a project management tool with a high level of detail and were committed to producing the best possible solution.
-Amol Ramteke, Business Owner of