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In a winner-takes-all world, game suppliers, operators, and aggregators are trying to create the best games with the highest player retention and monetization despite the constantly changing regulations and stringent jurisdictional requirements. Our gaming solutions have the breadth & depth to support you with the agility, innovation, and industry insight needed to create great games as well as robust platforms.

what we do

Game Development & Integration

Provide end-to-end development, porting and integration, with high quality and minimal time to market.

Creative Content & VFX

Provide high-end animation and VFX services collaborating with Academy Award-winning design partner Anibrain.

RGS/CMS Development 

Provide RGS & CMS platform development, spanning both legacy monolithic and microservices-based architecture.

Compliance & QA Support

Pre-check product to ensure it meets the jurisdictional requirements.


Analyze data and derive insights on player behavior to discover hidden business potentials.

IT-Ops & DevOps

Identify the ideal platform for CI/CD to optimize development and production processes within different projects. Ensure faster delivery of high-quality software.

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Making winning a habit through agile transformation

Transforming a company to be future-ready with innovative solutions.
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Expanding the digital gaming horizons

Scaling-up integrations with a high-quality platform

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Accelerating value delivery

Agile transformation and application development & maintenance for one of the fastest growing companies in the casino games business.
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Thanks to ICEICO for accompanying our journey to better understand player behavior. ICEICO has always been exceptionally helpful in removing the small and big obstacles on our path to the cloud and to big data.

our partners


As a partner to Anibrain, we assist our clients in all aspects related to Art and Audio/Visual development. We bring you an award-winning VFX and creative studio that has worked on numerous Hollywood blockbusters.

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The system has produced a significant competitive advantage in the industry thanks to ICEICO Technologies well-thought opinions. They shouldered the burden of constantly updating a project management tool with a high level of detail and were committed to producing the best possible solution.
-Amol Ramteke, Business Owner of