“As Technology is enabling us to trust in new forms we are seeing decline of trust in institutions which are creating these technologies”.

We understand there are various questions which are going through your mind when you are thinking of getting in business with us and we feel the above question is one of the most important query that should be answered upon. Being a part of technology creating institutions we can see today a decline in trust and rise of artificial relationships in the market which clearly measures businesses in just a profit and loss statement and the importance of trust is neglected often.


Are we trustable enough? Is ICEICO a value loaded company? Or we are just here to scam you?

Having clients all over India and overseas, since last 5 years with a total turnover of about 60lakhs per annum ICEICO technologies has always been successful at the front in delivering services for the rapid changing digital market.

Our personal principles and values helped us to grow and gain trust while executing vast varieties of government and private projects.

ICEICO TECHNOLOGIES Corporate Values : -

1) Sincerity, Authenticity and Punctuality -

We focus on remaining sincere, punctual and authentic every time not only while delivering your project but whenever you need us. We value your time as much as we respect you.

2) Reliability and Integrity –
ICEICO tends to remain honest and reliable with its customers and coworkers while building a business to make it reach to its zenith overcoming every undesirable difficulty.

3) Accountability -
We are obliged and responsible to give explanation or reason for the company’s action and conduct towards a client over their project and give them freedom to hold corporation to account for our operations in our mistakes.

4) Customer Satisfaction -
Service and satisfaction are the two most important values that company has always been successful in maintaining. Customer satisfaction is what we strive for and service is what will help bringing it. You can trust on us anything and we will be there to give you everything that will help you to grow.

5) Commitment -
We commit of giving you services what you have asked for in the most accurate way and in the best possible manner. We also commit of keeping our values along with us in our journey and holding a hand of trust till the end.

values helps in executing our work and developing a work culture that inspires our team and fulfill our objectives with higher levels of productivity and innovations carving a way to reach their professional goals. Customers who work with us once, never look out for other service providers and believe in us for the trust we provide.

“ICEICO technologies is a place where you can have for a hand of trust in the world of lust (of business)”.


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