Are your business processes manual and resource-intensive? AI is excellent in automating complex business processes that are close to impossible to automate with traditional approaches. Are the current future predictions for your business based more on gut feeling instead of historical data? AI can produce accurate predictions of the future based on historical data, easily considering hundreds of influencing factors.
Is keeping up your product quality a challenge? AI-powered visual recognition detects quality issues automatically and can be seamlessly integrated in your production pipeline. Are you overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information to be managed from various sources? AI is able to extract relevant information from documents to make informed decisions.
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Data Journey with Hood Industries

Fawad Ahmed, Director of Data Analytics at Hood Industries, talks about their transformative data and business intelligence journey with ICEICO.


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Data-driven decision making

NORDEN has collaborated with ICEICO to operate the enterprise data warehouse and jointly develop a new data platform.


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Value-driven analytics

Identify the role of analytics in deriving measurable value and impact. Align your vision and strategy to a strong analytics framework with ICEICO.


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Data Journey with Hood Industries

Fawad Ahmed, Director of Data Analytics at Hood Industries, talks about their transformative data and business intelligence journey with ICEICO.


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Thanks to ICEICO for accompanying our journey to better understand player behavior. ICEICO has always been exceptionally helpful in removing the small and big obstacles on our path to the cloud and to big data.

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Leveraging AI for automated vehicle evaluation

A machine vision-based digital solution to improve the vehicle ispection process.
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Creating intelligent automotive sales paradigms

Using MachineLearning, ICEICO partnered with a leading automotive distributor to optimize their lead management and help identify leads with higher probability of conversion.

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Implementing data mesh architecture to create a data-driven enterprise

Enabling self-service analytics, improving data scalability, and optimizing operational efficiency.
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An intelligent inventory management system

Seamless supply chain control with AI-powered inventory management.
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Leveraging data for real-time insights

A modernized platform that delivers a signficantly improved user experience and provides actionable insights to the users in real-time.
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Powering field workers with critical information

A knowledge app powered by AI that allows workers quick access to critical information and enables them to handle on-field equipment issues effectively.
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Our Partners

We are a strategic partner of Snowflake, delivering solutions in cloud data management to clients who leverage our experience in executing data-driven modernization and digital transformation projects and Snowflake’s single, integrated platform in their preferred or multi-cloud environments.

As a consulting and system integrator (SI) partner with Databricks, we enable enterprises to break down silos, create more agile and adaptive processes, and power data-driven decision-making to solve business problems with advanced data engineering, governance, and AI solutions.

As a technology partner, we help complement and extend the Denodo Platform to our clients for data visualization via data integration, management, and delivery.

As a partner, we plan to leverage the ESRI platform to build innovative solutions for our clients and help them maximize their GIS and location intelligence landscape across industries.

As a Google Cloud partner, we cover a broad range of services to solve for value with focus on legacy modernization, (hybrid/ multi) cloud enablement, API management, SAP transformation, advanced analytics and AI/ ML.

As an Amazon Web Services Consulting and Reselling Partner, we accompany our clients on their way to the Cloud and help them make their business flexible, scalable, and cost-effective.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Cloud Platform, Application Development, and Collaboration and Content, we provide a comprehensive suite of services around Microsoft technologies.

Our partnership with SRI International helps us drive research and innovation in the field of robotics, data, analytics, and ‘Explainable Artificial Intelligence’, AI that humans can understand, trust, and manage, for more effective automation of knowledge work.

OvalEdge is a data catalog and end-to-end governance suite to make your data accessible, trustworthy, and of high quality. Data access, data literacy, and data quality improvement are key pillars built into the data catalog for a comprehensive data governance suite with various tools for adoption. The suite is quick and easy to roll out, uses a lean infrastructure for lower IT costs, and has open architecture so users can customize their business logic.

Octopai’s automated metadata management platform enables data teams to quickly, easily and accurately find, understand and trust their data so they can drive the business forward. With a quick, secure and simple process, Octopai can instantly analyse the metadata. In one centralized platform Octopai allows you to access data lineage, data discovery and a data catalog, automatically.

With Reltio, we help accelerate the value of clients' data, and keep insight-driven data handy, whenever required, providing joint solutions and complementary product integrations so organizations can innovate faster.

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Evaluating MLOps and its aspects

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Data Monetization 101: Creating revenue streams with data

Article     Dec 8, 2022
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Pro tips for implementing a data governance framework

Article     Nov 2, 2022
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How advanced analytics can transform supply chain operations

Article     Aug 19, 2022
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Data mesh explained: Redefining eneterprise data architecture

Article     Aug 16, 2022
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Boost business value with a well-defined enterprise analytics strategy

Article     Jul 28, 2022

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